"it's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting sadness win"
lux et veritas
i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi.

Rhiannon. Virginia. Lame as shit. Confused.


if i sat here and tried to name the reasons why i love you i’d fumble over sentences that
when put together don’t quite make all that much sense but when thrown out


make that much more sense to me
loving you for thought out paragraphs
rather than
choppy fragments and small bits and pieces
is not a way in which i chose to love you
i didn’t even really choose to love you it just sort of happened
loving you is trying out a foreign food, not knowing what to expect and having no control over my senses when i dove right in
it just tasted so good on my tongue and enveloped me in a warmth that
a summer sun could only try to replicate
to me, you are my summer sun and you are my spring rain
you are my winter wind and my autumn leaves
the most important word is you and when said leaves me on edge
if i were to count the ways in which i love you
the stars would be far outnumbered and
counting each strand of my hair that you so gently stroke would seem easy
but loving you isn’t just words on a page or
sentences from my lips
it’s nonstop thoughts and 
never-ending bliss because when our mouths part after we kiss
all i can think of is the way you would look waking up next to me
and how everytime we touch you’ve sparked a symphony in my brain
i’ve fallen in love,
in want.
every word you’ve ever spoken to me resonates in my chest
and syncs themselves with the beating of my kettle drum heart
every time you brush my skin
your touch lingers and beckons for goosebumps
every kiss is sugary sweet and devilishly sour
and the taste awakens the butterflies in the deepest caverns of my body
and who would’ve thought that a simple “hello”
could spark a fire so strong inside me
or inspire any rhyme i write on a page
i write the words and you play the tune,
you are my stars and i am your moon.
to see you is to love you,
and to love you is light.
i endure the day, to fall deeper in love at night.




Pop punk bands saying “friends”


I’m cry.